Coconut Water

coconut water 1 coconut water 2

I have been in South Asia for more than two years, and I had never tried coconut water until recently.  You see, I had a friend who had tried coconut water while she was on vacation tell me that it was not any good whatsoever.  She told me it was outright gross.  And, for much too long, I let my friend’s opinion influence whether I would try it for myself.  You see, I had forgotten a rather important detail: my friend lives full-time in North America and only goes abroad for vacation whereas I live full-time in Asia and only go to North America for vacation.  Our tastes are backwards.  Whereas my friend needs things to taste really sweet before they taste good, my palette has been somewhat refined (or at least Asianised) and I can taste the deliciousness in far less sweet things than my friend can.  I never should have allowed her opinion on this food issue to hold any coconut water with me.  Sorry– I just couldn’t resist– that pun was too delicious.  Woops, did it again!

My mom learned a similar lesson earlier in her life, too, although for my mom, it was a much more life-changing decision than coconut water.  When my mom went to university, she never took any math courses while she was there because a friend of hers had told her that math at university was, like, really hard, and that scared my mom off from ever taking university-level maths, even though when you look at her old high school report cards, her grades in math, calculus, and physics clearly show that that is exactly where her aptitude lay (instead she studied social work and teaching, even though that was not aligned with her aptitude and interests– there were no school guidance counsellors back in my mom’s day).

I guess the moral of this story is that you shouldn’t let one person’s opinions influence your decisions.  What is right or wrong or good or bad or easy or difficult for one person might be the complete opposite for you.  For me, the lesson was learned through food, so I guess it isn’t the worst thing ever, but please don’t ever let a fear of failure or one person’s opinions influence YOUR life decisions.


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