RESTAURANT REVIEWS: Dickinson’s Culture Cafe

dickinsons 1 dickinsons 2 dickinsons 3 dickinsons 4

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned lots and lots here that I’m broke.  This means that I’ve ended up staying in the cheapest digs which I can find in Bangkok.  For me, that is a guesthouse on Pra Arthit Road which costs 120 Baht per night for a private room with a fan and a shared bathroom.  The guesthouse does not have wifi, but there are tons of cute little bars, restaurants, and cafes along Pra Arthit Road which do (and, paradoxically, even though I’m broke, I find the means to eat and drink at these places).  The one where I really like to go is called Dickinson’s Culture Cafe.  You can find it opposite the FAO on Pra Arthit Road, and you can find Pra Arthit Road by walking towards the river from Khao San/Soi Rambuttri or by taking a river ferry and getting off at Pra Arthit Pier.

Dickinson’s has a massive menu, which can be a little intimidating.  For lunch, they have simplified things a bit and offer four different lunch combos that each cost just 150 Baht.  They make a really nice burger as well as nice sandwiches, and they have a huge selection of crepes.  And they have breakfast combos for 100 Baht.  I liked their eggs benny with crispy bacon.  They also have really pretty desserts.  And of course, they have a decent selection of coffee, beer, and drinks.

Depending on when in the day you visit Dickinson’s, they might be playing cool music (the music they play is always cool, but they are much more likely to be playing music later in the day than earlier in the day; earlier in the day is often a little quieter, which is fine with lil’ ol’ introverted me).  And the staff at Dickinson’s is super friendly, too.

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