Stuffed Squid

stuffed squid 1 stuffed squid 2 stuffed squid 4 stuffed squid 5

So, it’s my first day back in Thailand.  What I was going to do for my first meal back in Thailand was sit down at one of my favourite sidewalk restaurants and order some green curry over rice, but I ended up getting sidetracked by a lady selling whole barbecued squid stuffed with what she said was rice and egg and I mean, how could I pass that up, amiwrong? (I was probably wrong)

First, I chose the squid I wanted.  The price varied between 50 Baht and 70 Baht depending on the size of the squid you chose.  Then, the woman grilled it for a few minutes, and then she sliced it up for you and put it in a bag with a stick to eat it with.  She also gave me a little baggie of sweet hot chili sauce to pour over it.

I have to admit, this wasn’t my favourite.  I actually don’t mind squid, even when it still looks like a squid, but this was just a little too chewy and fishy for my liking.  And the filling had the consistency of potato to the point that I seriously doubt it was rice and egg.  But meh, it’s food, and I managed to eat enough of it to mostly fill me up.

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