Lao Omelette

lao omelette B lao omelette C lao omelette D

When I finally arrived back in Vientiane from my tiny little adventure around Northern Laos, I was walking down the same street where I had seen the cute little vendor making Lao pancakes, and lo and behold, there she was, this time making an omelette.  Her omelette consisted of pouring a runny egg batter into a hot frying pan.  Then, she would sprinkle a generous handful of bean sprouts in the centre, and then a few generous spoonfuls of laap, and she would top it all off with a generous handful of bamboo shoots.  Then she folded it all up and folded it into a banana leaf.  The whole thing was served with a humungous bag of all kinds of leaves and herbs, as well as some small baggies of peanuts, a sweet hot chili mixture and a kind of vinegary mixture.

As I’ve discovered in Laos, whenever food is served with a massive plate of leaves, it is because you are meant to wrap your food in the leaves and eat it that way.  This turned out to work perfectly for me, as this vendor only served her food to go, and I was too shy to ask at my guesthouse whether I could borrow a spoon, so I set upon breaking apart and scooping up chunks of my Lao omelette with the various types of leaf in the bag.

lao omelette A

Oh. Em. Gee!  It was super delicious!  A perfect second last meal in Laos!