common grounds passionfruit cheesecake 2 common grounds walnut cheesecake 2

I’m not really sure what drew me into Common Grounds.  If it’s in the guidebook (I actually think it is), I completely glossed over it as I was reading the food section.  I just happened to pass by it one day and, unlike most of the other bakeries and cafes in Vientiane, I decided to go in and check it out.

Common Grounds has an interesting selection of wraps and pitas, but what really got my attention was their cheesecakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  Common Grounds, you had me at “Caramel Walnut Cheesecake with chocolate crust.”

Unfortunately, my trip to Laos was too short, and I was only able to make two trips to Common Grounds, which means I was only able to sample each of the cheesecakes (which were both delicious, but I would recommend the walnut one).  Other things on their menu which I would have liked to have tried given more time and an emptier stomach are the pumpkin spice cupcake, the passionfruit cupcake, the coconut cupcake, and the turtle cookie (which is a chocolate cookie with a peanut butter centre).

Whereas Le Banneton might appeal to a more European crowd, I could imagine Common Grounds appealing to a more North American crowd, what with their sweet desserts and pitas and wraps with unique fillings.  Yeah, I’d say if you’re ever in Vientiane, you should check out Common Grounds.


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