Lao Mojito

mojito 1

We weren’t sure what about these mojitos made them Lao mojitos, so we asked, and the bartender couldn’t really give us a satisfactory answer, either.  We ran with it, though, because it was 2 for 1 happy hour!  Weeeeeeeeeee!*

I’d love to say that even the cats in Laos love Lao mojitos, but I think the truth is this kitty was more interested in our cheese (we’d ordered cheesy fries, too) than in our mojitos.

mojito 2

*Did you notice the switch to the first person plural?  Yep, that’s right, I met a boy.  It turned out to be just a vacation fling, but he was a nice guy and we had a lot in common (so much in common that it’s really too bad it was just a vacation fling) and we had a lot of fun together.  One interesting thing did happen while we were hanging out, though…. I said bang, bang, bangity bang, I said bang bang bangity bang! bum bum bum bang bang bangity bang….

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