laap 1

I have a Thai friend who comes from Issan, and she taught me how to make laap.  I really like the recipe for laap which my friend taught me, so I was hesitant to try laap in Laos lest I be disappointed.  What ended up happening was that I only tried laap once in Laos and I was, indeed, disappointed.  Instead of minced meat, the restaurant where I ordered it used bigger pieces of chicken.  Also, they completely, 100%, omitted the dried red chilies which were supposed to be there, so the taste was super disappointing.  Anyway, here you can see a picture of the laap which I ate.  My camera was acting up that day, and for some reason, the only pictures I could get were extremely bright reflective pictures or really blurry smudgy pictures.  There was no happy medium.  I think maybe my camera was on drugs that day.  Yeah, that’s it—after all, we were in Vang Vieng when my camera decided to be a dumbass, and we all know what goes on in Vang Vieng.  Can we pretend that this picture is truly meant to be a whimsical picture of laap and not that my camera was super stoned?  Mmmthat’dbegreat…

But for realsies, maybe when I get back to Yangon and can cook in my very own kitchen again, I’ll share my own laap recipe and method with you with step-by-step pictures.  Would you like that?

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