Before I take a trip, I usually buy a Lonely Planet for ideas of things to see, places to stay, and where to eat.  Also, I usually end up following their walking tour because it’s usually pretty okay.  The walking tour for Luang Prabang in Lonely Planet ends by crossing the bamboo bridge to have dinner and/or drinks at Dyen Sabai.  But that only works if it’s the dry season, as there’s no bamboo bridge during the rainy season and hang on, I’m here during the rainy season so dammit!  Meh, oh well, I got tired and hot halfway through the walking tour and kind of abandoned it a little bit to go take a nap (I’ve been to Luang Prabang before and seen all the sights, many years ago, so I didn’t feel like I need to exactly cherish every single moment here– I cherish my naps as well) and had fully decided to just try a different restaurant instead of Dyen Sabai.  I mean, it was LP’s recommendation, but then again, other restaurants sounded just as good.

What ended up happening was this.  After my nap, when the day was cooling off, I went out for a walk.  As I was walking down that main street in Luang Prabang, I caught a glimpse down a side street of the river and, on a whim, decided to go down to the water.  When I got there, I found two Lao guys hanging out, wearing Dyen Sabai t-shirts advertising that they will take you across the river for free to get you to Dyen Sabai in their cute little boat.  Mmm, okay.  I wasn’t actually hungry, but I did kind of want to go in their boat.

dyen sabai 1

So we get across the river and I head up this little path and make my way into Dyen Sabai.  Okay, let me tell you, the place is gorgeous and I can see why it would have been LP’s recommendation.  If I were an expatriate in Luang Prabang, I think I’d pretty much live at Dyen Sabai.

dyen sabai 2 Dyen Sabai restaurant

Full disclosure: I’d kind of had a late lunch before my nap, and I was kind of planning on going back to the same restaurant as before to eat the exact same food as before for dinner (my camera battery died just as my food arrived, and I’d been planning on blogging about it and I guess I learned a valuable lesson about keeping my camera battery fully charged whilst on a food blogging mission– more on that in another post).  I could have had roughly the same food at Dyen Sabai, although it would have been a little more expensive and have I mentioned I’m broke?  Also, I wasn’t actually hungry yet.  So I sat there wondering what to do, mulling it all over, and then I realised that IT’S HAPPY HOUR!  Wahoo!!  I’m sure the food at Dyen Sabai is lovely, but who can argue with two mint daiquiris for the price of one (and they have other exciting daiquiri flavours on their menu, as well).   And thus ends my Dyen Sabai adventure.  Yeah, if you make it to Luang Prabang, definitely go there.

dyen sabai 3

Pssssst, Lonely Planet, over here!  Sidebar:  I’d like a job.  Give me a job.  Please?  Mmmthanks!

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