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I was out for my usual walk, heading nowhere really, when I noticed a stand set up outside of an open-air restaurant.  On the stand was displayed some food which the restaurant served.  I think the point of the stand was to draw customers in, and I guess for me, that kind of worked.  One of the things which this particular restaurant had displayed were some deep-fried balls.  I pointed and asked what it was, and the girls at the restaurant told me it was coconut and rice.  I figured, “Why the hell not?” so I sat down and ordered one.

Just as with naem khao, when the dish actually arrived, the ball had been shredded up into a massive heap and served with some dried red chilies.  It also came with a heaping plate of lettuce leaves and mint which you are meant to use to make little parcels and eat your nam that way.  Aaaaand, okay, *facepalm* as I’m writing this, I’m realising that “nam” is just another incarnation of “naem”, which I just wrote about yesterdayWould naem by any other name taste as good?  Yes, it would.  It was super delicious, and this time around, actually using the lettuce and mint for its intended purpose forced me to slow down and take longer than two minutes to eat this dish.

I want more of this.  This is going high up on my list of recipes I need to learn to make.

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