Naem Khao

naem khao 1 naem khao 2

This a dish which I read about in the Lonely Planet and thought I needed to try.  It was described as kind of rice which has been shredded into a type of salad with a special type of pork (or something like that– I don’t have the book sitting right in front of me).  Now, to me, that sounded pretty good and I wanted to try it, so I headed on down to a restaurant where I knew I could find it.  the restaurant where I went to have this dish has a bilingual menu: Lao (in Lao script) and English (in the Roman alphabet), but there is no transliteration of what the Lao words are.  Rather, there’s just basic descriptions of each dish.  The description for naem khao on the restaurant’s menu (literally just “Rice, egg, vegetable no fried”) did not come close to matching the description written in the Lonely Planet, so I was a little hesitant to order it when the waitress pointed on the menu at the item which is naem khao.  But, I’m super happy I went ahead and gave it a shot because when it arrived, it matched good ol’ LP’s description more closely than it matched the restaurant’s description.  And it was SO good!  I might have kind of inhaled it a little bit.  I’m not sure I would have the self-restraint to take more than two minutes to eat this entire meal.  It’s just kind of like, “This is amazing and I want it in my tummy now.”