Khao Jii Pate

bahnmi pate 3 bahnmi pate 6

Khao jii pate is just a baguette with Laos-style pate inside.  To be honest, I do not actually like French-style pate or any style pate, so I tried pretty hard not to think too hard about what I was eating.  It was delicious.  The bread was everything it should be: soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside.  The man who made it slathered it with what looked like butter (but could have maybe been mayonnaise), then put some cucumbers and a few other ingredients (maybe onions?) inside, then squeezed two different sauces onto it, then put in the pate, and topped it with a fibrous brown thing which I see a lot here and which I don’t know what it is except that it’s good.  And presentation is everything– when the sandwich was complete, it was sliced in half and rolled in a recycled sheet of white paper held all in place with a rubber band: simple, economical, environmentally friendly, and appealing, no?

I was not hungry when I bought my khao jii pate.  I had initially just stopped to watch the people at the stall making these sandwiches because I adore sandwiches and I’m always interested in unique sandwich fillings (maybe someday I’ll share my own sandwiches on this blog).  But the man at the stall was so nice about offering to make one for me that I couldn’t say “no” to him.  My rationale was that I could buy it and then save it for later when I did get hungry.  Right, like I’m going to walk around with a full sandwich and not eat it immediately.

bahnmi pate 1

I had read in my guidebook that you can buy these sandwiches as a full sandwich or as a half sandwich, but the guy who sold me my sandwich insisted he only sold them as a full sandwich.  When he told me the price, I understood why: 5000 kip (approximately $0.63 USD).  Whoa, amirite?  I’m pretty thrilled with my decision to buy from this particular vendor because the sandwich was made fresh right in front of me whereas a few stalls down from this one, the sandwiches were all ready-made, and while a ready-made sandwich makes a pretty good photo op, it’s not something I’m interested in eating (I get an icky feeling about eating sandwiches when I don’t know how old they are– I think it’s because I don’t like it at all if the bread is even a little bit soggy).

bahnmi pate 5


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