Hipsterrific Yogurt in Laos

laos hipster yogurt 1 laos hipster yogurt 2 laos hipster yogurt 3

I think this is an amazing product available from the convenience store here in Laos.  It’s homemade products for healthy living in Vientiane, Lao.  When you read the ingredients list on the side of this yogurt container, it’s pretty much as close to all natural as you could get.  This is the type of yogurt that hipsters in Seattle would buy from their local farmer’s market.*  The only problem with this yogurt is that it’s a little expensive.  One single serving of yogurt costs 9,000 kip.  For comparison, one large bottle of Beerlao costs 9,000 kip.  Either the yogurt’s really expensive or Beerlao is extremely cheap.

I wasn’t actually hungry, but I was too curious about this yogurt to pass it up, so I went with the Mango Passion Yogurt and the Coconut Jelly Yogurt and let me tell you, I ate them in the wrong order!  They were both good, but (imo) the coconut jelly flavour was way better.

*Or at least, what I’d imagine hipsters in Seattle would buy.  I’ve never actually been to Seattle, but I have met hipsters from Seattle.


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