Khao Pun Nam Jaew

soup 1 soup 2 soup 3

I sat down at dinner the other night and told the waitress I wanted a noodle soup.  She directed me to something on the menu which turned out to be “khao pun nam jaew”.  Khao pun nam jaew is a soup with rice noodles, pork, and bamboo shoots.  It is delicioius.  The waitress asked whether I wanted the large soup or the small soup and, since I wasn’t very hungry, I went with the small soup.  When she brought my food out to my table, my eyes nearly popped all the way out of my head.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a bigger serving of soup anywhere.  Ever.  Where I live (Myanmar), a bowl of soup that size would probably feed three people.  Holy crapoli!  And on top of all that, when the soup is brought out, they also bring out a massive plate of lettuce, mint, and green beans, which you are meant to eat with a dip which is sitting on the table.  I’m not sure what the dip is made out of, but my guess is it has fermented fish in it.  Not my favourite, but also not a complaint because (a) the soup was so big I could hardly finish just that and (b) fresh green beans and mint sans dip are pretty tasty all by themselves.  To top it all off, this massive amount of food cost only about $2.50 USD.

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