Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino with White Chocolate Pudding


I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but I’m actually an expatriate in Burma (Myanmar).  This means that, usually, I have to go without certain creature comforts.  If I crave a Big Mac, I can’t just go out and get one.  If all I want is a Frappuccino from Starbucks, well, I could always go to a local coffee shop (there are a few coffee shops in Yangon that do decent coffee), but chances are I will not be getting a Starbucks quality and style Frappuccino.  One of my first stops when I arrive in Bangkok is always Starbucks, and my order is always the same: a caramel Frappuccino with extra caramel on top.  Except this time, they were offering a mocha Frappuccino with white chocolate pudding and cookie crumble topping.  It sounded amazing, so I went with that.  Unfortunately, the white chocolate pudding had a consistency somewhere between Jell-O and plastic (to be fair, closer to the Jell-O end of that spectrum, but still), and I wasn’t able to finish more than a quarter of my Frappuccino before trashing it. I learned to love the Frappuccinos with white chocolate pudding mixed in, though.  You see, wifi at Starbucks in Thailand is not free.  It costs 150 Baht per day to use wifi here at Starbucks or 300 Baht per month.  Waitasecond!  So… if I buy a 300 Baht wifi card, I can come use wifi at Starbucks anytime I like for the next month?!  I understand that the expectation is that I would at least buy a coffee every time I come, but reality and expectations often diverge in funny ways, and since I’m broke, that is exactly what has happened.  I think 300 Baht for a month of wifi at Starbucks is one of the best deals on their menu. Initially, they didn’t seem to mind that I only bought something about every third time I would come into the shop.  Then, they did start to mind and would slyly offer me a takeaway coffee menu (I’ve got it tucked into my wallet for easy reference).  Then they kind of just accepted that I was a freeloading internet user, but since their internet privileges are not free and I’d PAID FOR the right to sit here and use internet for an entire month, there’s not much they can really do about it. Somewhere along the line, they’ve stopped stopping by my table offering me free samples of drinks and food, but that’s okay.  I’ve had enough free samples to have developed a firm liking for the chocolate pudding frappucino.  An acquired texture, for sure, but delish!

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