Coconut Ice Cream

6 coconut ice cream 1 6 coconut ice cream 2

Nothing makes me feel more like a tourist than ordering (and then having to walk around with) coconut ice cream served in a coconut bowl.  Then again, I am so pale my reflection in direct sunlight could probably blind you.  I will never not look like a tourist here, so to hell with it!  One coconut ice cream, please!

The vendor doesn’t just serve you coconut ice cream out of a coconut bowl, though: he cracks open the coconut right in front of you, drains the coconut water into a container, cracks it in half, scoops out the coconut flesh (but leaves it in the bowl for you to enjoy with your ice cream), gives you three generous scoops of coconut ice cream, and tops it with sweetened condensed milk and toasted peanuts.  All for only 40 Baht.  Umm, can you say, “Yumm!”?

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