7-Eleven Meals in Thailand

2-1 soy protein a

2-1 soy protein b

I was out looking for food the other night and, for some reason, I ended up in the 7-Eleven.  Normally when I go to 7-Eleven, I make a beeline for the crisps, chocolate bars, popsicles, or Lipton iced tea, but this time around, something caught my eye.  There were two empty shelves in the “foods that need to be heated” section, save for one lonely little packet.  I picked it up and read that it was “stir-fried basil vegetarian soy protein with rice”.  Now, I think a lot of those words all together in the same sentence in that specific order would probably scare a lot of people off, but I am a fairly committed flexitarian, and I feel a little bad about all of the meat that I’ve been eating lately, so the words “vegetarian soy protein” were actually a huge boon.  I snapped up the lonely little guy and lost no time putting it in my belly.

And you know what?  It was surprisingly good.  It was so good that I went back the next day hoping to have it again for lunch, but they didn’t have any vegetarian soy protein options the next day, so I settled for a similar dish, but with chicken.  It was pretty good, too, but in all honesty, I actually preferred the soy protein version as it was much less greasy than the chicken version.


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