Pork and Rice



This is a meal I’ve had twice since I’ve been in Bangkok this time around.  I walked past this street vendor a lot and every time I walked past her stand, the smell of it killed me.  In a really, really good way.  I generally pride myself on being a pretty decent cook, but I’m completely stumped on what exactly it smells like.  I just know that it smells GOOD.  Now, I’m not usually a big meat-eater (I consider myself a flexitarian), but eventually I just had to sit myself down and order some of that deliciousness.

This particular vendor serves up duck, chicken, or pork.  Her ducks and chickens were hung neatly on hooks, but her pork was in a big unappetising fatty mess of a pile.  I asked the vendor which one she would choose if someone told her she could only eat one of those for the rest of her life, and without even the slightest hesitation, she said, “Pork!”  Well, pork it is, then!

The pork was so tender you could break it apart just by looking at it.  The vegetables that are served with the pork are cooked in the ridiculously savoury broth, and then, once the vendor has arranged everything over a generous scoopful of rice, she scoops some of the broth over it all.  This meal is just so gratifying.  But the meal doesn’t stop at what’s on your plate.  When you sit down, there is a selection of condiments on your table, and let me tell you they make this amazing dish even better.

I love this meal for all of its glorious delicious components.  But this meal also makes me feel sad.  I really do pride myself on being a pretty excellent home cook, but there is just so much about the flavours in this meal that I just can’t place.  All I know is I loves it and wants more of it.


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